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 Posted: Tue Jun 27th, 2017 01:58 am
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Dynamo Dan

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Ran all the way out to the published numbers. Drove all around the area and found nothing. Looks as though this wreck either moved or got buried in sand during the 2016 hurricane.
Ran 10 miles back in to another wreck. Water color was off and the current was real bad today. Did not produce nothing there either.

Ended up down at Pelican reef. Here the 6 pack guys had caught 2 to 10 each, mostly king fish and Crevell jacks.  

I ended the day with a nice but smaller Dorado. did not get it on the live bait either. Came on a dead ballyhoo rigged with circle hook and fly line.
also polished Technic for snapper in high current.

Water color/clarity is apparently very important.
Picts tomorrow.

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