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New user registration, Already registered access and password protection
 Moderated by: Dynamo Dan
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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2012 01:27 am
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New registrations currently require a referral from an existing member.

New free registrations.
In order to insure a safe malware free environment on our board we may first confirm who is registering. In some cases this may require phone contact.

New Registrations confirmation e-mail:
Check your spam folder as often times the required link to tunabite e-mail will end up in your spam folder.

Your password must not be easy to guess and we may try to do exactly that. 

If we can access your user name with junk passwords, your access will be removed and your user name my no longer be available.

As a tunabite member, make sure you post a valid post at least one time per year. Failing to post may result in being placed in a user group with no access.

Do not include links to any invalid locations such as fake item sales sites, porn sites, malware sites or out of the USA sites. This will result in immediate loss of access.
Do not save your password in your computer. Instead write it down on paper and tape it to the back of your computer or in a close but hidden location.

Please note: If someone has access to your e-mail because you shared your password with them, than they can also steal your access to any site that has a forgot password function. For this reason you must protect your e-mail account. The best way to do this is to require a second code be sent to your cell phone when signing into your e-mail account. Google and others do this.

All users:
If your user access to the bite reports forums has been suspended for not posting in over 1 year: You will be placed in a temp category for a couple weeks.
Here you will only have access to announcements and private messaging.
During this temp access use the private message option to request that your access be returned. Upon receiving your request for renewed access will will move to a user level = to registered access. Here you will be required to post something or loose access permanently.

The other option for those who don’t want to post or participate in any way is paid access at a cost of $30 per year. If you are interested in this use the Pay Pal link above. Also make sure and include your user handle and e-mail so we can track and properly credit you access.

If you need help please use the private message function found right below the picture/ad for the American Angler.
If this is not working for you, please try sending me an e-mail to fernriverresort@gmail.com
When you get renewed access, make sure you post something of value to the rest of the guys within a few weeks or you could loose access indefinitely

If because of your actions your password is compromised, you must immediately change it.

Note: Those who save their passwords and friends e-mail address on their own device such as in programs like Microsoft Outlook leave them selves wide open to a hacker. This is because hackers often target these locations and can steel saved passwords in seconds simply by you opening an e-mail that looks like someone you know sent it to you. That usually happens because your friend also saved e-mail address on their computer. That or forwards chain letters. In this case if they get hacked, it will attempt to e-mail it's self to you using their e-mail address. You may not even know it happened.
Think before you click! if it looks sketchy, don't click on it!
If you do not have access because someone else stole and changed your password. Call me or e-mail me and get it fixed immediately.

Note we are going to start guessing passwords. If we can guess your password, you lose access!! This is because by being lazy and using low security passwords like a single word or just a few numbers, you could be exposing all of us to hackers and malware.


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