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The fake fishing reports.
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 Posted: Wed May 17th, 2017 04:35 am
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Dynamo Dan

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There are great fishing reports on lots of fishing sites in Florida. Huge fish, high counts. Beautiful videos and Images of great fish from Red-Fish in the shallows and all the way to excellent days catching sword fish. It seams as though every charter is catching every day and the water is near flat calm.

I call them fake fishing reports because many of them are dated on a day and location that was basically to rough to fish. Than again, maybe I am wrong.

A couple weeks ago there was a tournament. The end results were some 30+ boats had winning fish. Big King fish in the 30+ pounds ranges. Often as large as 70 pounds. Think 70 pound Wahoo!

I reviewed this event considering entering it maybe next year. Clyde and I talked about the general info on where they catch these huge Smoker King-fish. Yes these guys fish it every year and these guys actually caught these fish. However in all the outside the bay locations Clyde and I never caught any big smoker Kings, For that matter, no Kings over 8 pounds.

Reviewing the weather on the day of the tournament, it was way to rough to fish outside the bay  unless you have a large sled. This made me believe these Kings are comming in the shipping channel between the Skyway bridge and a couple miles outside Egmont key.

Today we went out on Clyde's sled and trolled the whole area. No fish today.
I did notice that no one was fishing our style so maybe we are idiots.
Than again, we have ruled out this area for this species in mid May and only 2 weeks after it was supposedly a high catch location.

Than there is all the 6 pack size or more realistically 2 pack size charter sleds who advertise these great fishing reports. I watched them closely the last 3 trips in this location.
I have never seen fish on their boat like I see in the videos and other catch reports.
Today the catch was cleaned and heads tossed at the dock:
2 Sea Trout for 2 paid guests (1 fish each). They were 20" fish. The 4 filet's all in the same bag barely covered the bottom 2 inches of a 1 gallon zip-lock.

By the way a sea trout is usually caught in 4 feet of water or less. It looks and feels like those fake farm raised salmon, the ones that smell wrong, even nasty. Not a regular salmon, like a water Mellon apex without the red side. Plenty of green and silver skin, big black penny size spots every couple inches including on the head and jaw. 
A red fish is like a giant croaker (pacific kingfish or Seabass) and supposedly fantastic flavor. I have caught two sea Trout and farmed 1 redfish so far.

I have seen a few guys with fish, not many people are catchy, Those that are, don't talk much and they are not 6 pack boats. Oh there was that one 6 pack 30 out by us that had massive amounts of live chum/bait and caught a 35+ pound amber jack. there are likely others that do well, I just haven't seen it yet.

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 Posted: Wed May 17th, 2017 08:08 pm
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Capn Al
Die Hard Fisherman with bite reports

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I guess one can say that "Fake Fishing Reports" are like "Fake Media News". Ethics has gone way down in the fishing reports and media reports.

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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 08:06 am
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VIP level 1. Die Hard Slayer

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Actually there just alternative reports lol

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