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Palm beach trip #1.
 Moderated by: Dynamo Dan
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 Posted: Sat Feb 10th, 2018 12:06 am
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Dynamo Dan

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Towed all the way to palm Beach and launched at a new harbor in the dark. Easy, just follow the giant luxury fishing yachts out through the channel.
Once through the potato patch I gunned it 1.5 miles and put in the high speed Wahoo gear. Trolled south at 15 knots along the shore until 9:00 AM.No bites. The water was blue but 73.15'f. Temperature for wahoo is best at 74 to 80'f...
Now 30 miles south of Palm beach I slid out to 2.5 miles off shore for Tile fish. Tile fish are found in the mud everywhere between 450 feet and 1,200 feet of water. Why fish here instead of a much closer to my house harbor?
Well this is where it is deep enough and under 3 miles out.
Fed law has Tiles closed 1/2 year and only 2 fish when open.
Florida Law states not regulated. this means 100 pounds or 2 fish which is larger for each unregulated species. So since gray Tile fish never get to 50 pounds, it's 100 pounds of tile fish per person.
It was funny to watch NOAA drive by staring at me and only 200 feet east of me on the state line!
It takes 40 pound or less spectra and 2 pound lead to get down with a hand crank and becomes tiring
. Turns out the best way is the big electric.
Make sure you drift as well as Tile fish are stationary in their burrows.
I only caught 10 but with what I learned, next time it's 100 pounds any time the weather allows. 
These fish take just like Sturgeon.

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