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We are excepting new registrations

In order to insure a safe malware free environment on our board we must first confirm who is registering.

You must be at least 13 years old to register.

To register, please E-mail us at tunabite@gmail.com

1. Your full real name.
2. Your actual phone number. (Blocked caller ID numbers will not be accepted).
3. The board user name (handle) you would like to have.
4. A junk password. As soon as you have access change this password to a real password of at least 8 random numbers and letters.

When we receive this information, we will call you by phone and verify that you are who you claim to be and verify that you actually are in the USA.

The number we will be calling you with is 831 421 2669. It will also state wireless caller. Watch for it on your caller ID. You are welcome to call us but we are very busy and may not answer. Especially if we do not recognize you by caller ID.

When we e-mail you a confirmation:

  • As soon as you are registered, change your password.
    If we can access your user name with the junk password, your access will be removed and your user name my no longer be available.
  • As a tunabite member, make sure you post a valid post at least one time per year. Additional posts will upgrade your access and add additional features.
    Failing to post may result in being placed in a user group with no access.
  • Do not include links to any invalid locations such as fake item sales sites, porn sites, malware sites or out of the USA sites. This will result in immediate loss of access.
  • Do not save your password in your computer. Instead write it down on paper and tape it to the back of your computer or in a close but hidden location.

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